Call for Papers: Beyond Adaptation (Abstract Submission Deadline 30th of June 22)

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce our new publication project that addresses the ‚double-edged sword‘ of psychosocial praxis: navigating between adaptation and social change. We encourage practitioners and researchers to share their transformative approaches to the fields of psychology, education, social work, and related fields. At the same time, we aim to revitalize the discussion of critical psychology and cultural-historical theory. This is an ongoing effort to trace back the shared roots and reconnect the dots by inviting a dialogue of contemporary approaches situated in both traditions.

For example, some of the following questions could be addressed:

What problems regarding personal and social change do psychosocial practitioners/ researchers encounter in their daily work?
How do practitioners and/or researchers reflect their positions in relation to societal structures?
How do practitioners and/or researchers develop knowledge supporting both adaptive and revolutionary interventions?
How do participants and clients of psychosocial practices experience and act upon the tensions of the respective field?
How do organizational and institutional arrangements support and/or challenge the development of social change?

The Editors‘ Group has evolved from parts organizing group of Ferienuni Kritische Psychologie 2021 that included two international threads aiming to foster the discussion of German-Scandinavian Critical Psychology with related international currents.

Please see the details in the attached Call for Papers.

You are warmly invited to share this call in your mailing lists.

If you can identify with the project’s aim, we are looking forward to your abstract!

The Editorial Group,

Eileen Wengemuth, Sigga Waleng, Johanna Ruge, Till Manderbach, Peter Brook

Call for Papers_Beyond Adaptation_The Unity of Personal and Social Change in Critical and Cultural-Historical Psychology

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